About Us


Webcaty is the best website designing company in Delhi. This company started in 2014 and the creative team is present in this company and this team completes its work on time. Our goal is to prepare the website according to the needs of the customer’s needs.
Our company prepares step by step from the website

Step 1.

Our company first meets the customer’s plan and tells the kind of business the client is about and what type of website they want and what they want on their website

Step 2.

We design the website in Photoshop and this design is the absolute pixels, then we send this design to our customers when the design is approved and the customer is right.

Step 3.

When Photoshop’s design remains and is approved by the customer, then we convert this design into a web page and it is designed by coding. In coding, we create website structure from HTML and increase the beauty of website from CSS. And use graphics in it

Step 4.

When the website is fully designed by coding, then this website hosts on its domain and launches this website to the domain, when the website starts completely and inside it, we see a few things like its Speed and error. How much time is taking to open the website

Step 5.

At this stage, we keep the website, if there is an error on the website, then keep the website up. We completely delete the error on the website, where the error arises and the website frees the errors there are.

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